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About the Author - Terry Gibbs

Terry Gibbs lives in Arizona with an old dog. After graduating from college, Terry worked as a consultant to small businesses helping them become more efficient by streamlining their operations. After a health scare, Terry went to work for one of his clients full time. The direct marketing company gave him access to many brilliant marketers just as the internet was taking off.

After 16 months of employment, and feeling healthy again, Terry left for greener pastures. The world of the internet. Gibbs created his first products in 1998. A screensaver featuring photos of his old toy trains, and reference book for people building model train layouts. Both sold well.

In 2001, Gibbs wrote a book on how to buy antiques and collectibles. The book contained the strategies Terry had used to put himself through college and build his toy train collection. It sold poorly. In an attempt to sell the book, Terry did the first How To Sell Antiques and Collectibles On eBay video in early 2002. The video sold very well.

Later in 2002, a marketer with an eBay book and an emailed newsletter, contacted Terry with the offer to promote Terry´s antiques book for a commission. This was Terry´s introduction to ebooks and newsletters. Over the next decade, Terry wrote dozens of books and reports. The books and reports were sold online, and with small ads in magazines and trade journals. He also worked as ghost writer and coach helping others write books.

In early 2003, the eBay Success Video was in need of updating due to eBay changes so it was redone as a book. The Auction Revolution was one of the top five selling books about eBay for the next decade. Every week a new article with antiques, collectibles and eBay advice was written.

All this before blogs. In 2000, you had to get a merchant account to take credit cards, or talk your reader into mailing you a check. Affiliate marketing meant calling someone up and working out a deal. Terry learned as he earned, and it was a good life.

Life´s Hard. If It Was Easy Everyone Would Do It.

Maybe Terry wasn´t as smart as he thought he was, or maybe the world changed again, but after the introduction of the web enabled cell phone, the internet changed. The social websites Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and such captured the attentions of the masses. Youtube and Google combined to destroy the how to market.

It seemed to Gibbs that the harder he worked, the less he made. So in 2012, he went back to playing with trains. After teaching people for over a decade how to buy and sell antiques and collectibles, Terry´s skills were fine tuned.

Within six months, Terry was one of the largest dealers of collectible toy trains in the southwest. It was like being retired but working a few days a week to cover the bills. It was nice. Terry was content.

In 2022, Terry attempted to refinance a note on his home. The mortgage broker at BMO Harris lied to him. Led him on, and wasted his time. When Terry complained to the ombudsman at BMO Harris, he was told the brokers could say anything they wanted. Nothing the brokers said meant anything.

The letter to the bank´s ombudsman got Terry writing again, and later became the basis for the website. Using the experiences from the mortgage nightmare, and other problems he´d had as a consumer, Terry wrote a short book called The Resentful Consumer. How To Get The Treatment You Deserve Without Yelling. Or If That Fails, How To Yell Without Getting Arrested. As he was finishing the Resentful Consumer book, Gibbs started outlining his next book - The Resentful Citizen.

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A resentment is the memory of a wrong reminding us to avoid those politicians in the future.

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